PQQ Information

PQQ Information

In order to maintain and enhance our commercial advantage, we will ensure each employee clearly understands the standards of performance expected of them and is set realistic and achievable goals.

Each employee will be given help to develop him or herself in order to reach their performance objectives. The focus of this help will be self-development and on the job, learning supported by more formal training if necessary and appropriate.

We will encourage individuals to manage their own development and expect them to match any development effort on the part of the company.

The Performance Development Process
The Performance Development Process has been designed to help individuals maximise their performance and their skills.

This process may vary in different parts of the business, but it will have the following elements in common:

– Review of past performance – with honest feedback from the manager about how the employee has done. The company set competencies shall be referred to when reviewing performance.

– Setting performance objectives – each employee and his/her manager will jointly decide realistic and fair work goals linked to Horizon’s business objectives.

– Identification of development needs – each employee and his/her manager will decide jointly how
development can meet the employee’s and Horizon’s expectations.

Any employee wishing to discuss training and development should contact team leaders in the first instance. Any training and development that should enhance your working role will be pursued.

 Our key quality objectives aim to enable our business development and growth, as follows:

  • To be focused on our Client, maximising opportunity and satisfaction
  • To be effective in meeting our clients and our business objectives
  • To be efficient, particularly for our clients’, for our people, finance and business infrastructure
  • To manage risk in our commercial, technical and operational activities in the most efficient way
  • To continuously improve our performance

Our high-level business and quality policy is instigated throughout the organisation and consistently aligned at all levels of the business, to ensure they are embedded and continually reinforced in everything that we do and form the focus and target for our everyday activities. We aim during this process to ensure our objectives are translated so that they are meaningful and specific to individuals at every level of the firm.

Whilst all the above objectives are equally important, the overriding goal of the policy is the aim for sustained performance improvement to continually drive the business to meet our client driven goals and vision, to satisfy the dynamic nature and ever increasing needs of our markets. Performance improvement is, therefore, a major focus of our business planning and review process.

We are committed to reducing operational environmental impact by :

  • Reducing carbon footprint by reducing travel time and commuting to and from work by utilising technology and working from
  • Reduce travel to site and meetings by targeting local
  • Provide recycle bins within work
  • Operate as a paperless

We are committed to reducing environmental design impact by:
Firstly ‐ Reduce energy consumption using improved building fabric and natural design.
Secondly ‐ Improve efficiency of operational plant and services.
Thirdly ‐ Incorporate sustainable solutions including renewables.

We employ CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants to keep abreast of new and sustainable technologies and design methods.