Health & Safety

Health & Safety

It is the policy of Horizon M&E Services Design Ltd that all of its undertakings, operations, premises, plant and equipment are conducted and maintained to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the Health and Safety of its employees, customers, the public and others who may be affected by its activities. To achieve this, resources and responsibilities are allocated so that: –

1. Safety
Safety is never compromised for reasons of production, performance or profit.

2. Accountability 
Managers at all times demonstrate leadership by example in health and safety matters and are held accountable for the safety performance of all persons
under their control.

3. Procedures 
Rules, procedures, standards and systems, including all relevant statutory legislation, relating to health and safety are installed, regularly reviewed, communicated to employees and monitored for effectiveness.

4. Accidents 
Every accident, incident or near miss related to personal injury, occupational health, property damage, environmental damage, fire or security is properly investigated, reported and the causes determined with appropriate action to prevent recurrence.

5. Training
Training in health and safety is identified and provided in accordance with the needs of all employees.
Details of the organisation responsibilities and arrangements of the policy are held in each office location.

6. Improvements 
Managers have monthly reviews of Health & Safety and any improvements which can be made.

7. Conditions 
All employees maintain safe working conditions at all times, whatever their environment.